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Healthy Habits Welcomes the World Famous Shyan Selah and his Band The Republic of Sound.

news-img10Shyan Selah is a modern musician raised on the greatest icons in music from The Beatles to James Brown. To pursue his mission of providing great music and entertainment to the masses with a humanitarian edge he organized the Republic of Sound to take his special sound of hip hop, rock and soul music to his hard hitting, gritty yet spiritual lyrics and soul touching sound.

“This sums up what I’m fully about musically,” says Shyan. “It allows me to live freely through my God-given talents. Live instrumentation brings the spirit and soul to the forefront of what I’m trying to say in song.”

Shyan formed The Brave New World Foundation and The Brave New World, as philanthropic venues to bring together individuals from all walks of life and experiences to pursue the mission of providing great music and entertainment to the masses with a humanitarian edge. With this foundation he is committed to providing the youth with programs and services that promote education and health in global consciousness.

At a young age he has been a big fan of the genius of Nikola Tesla. Except for very close friends , he was always reluctant to share this fondness to Tesla because he knows Nikola Tesla is years away in thoughts and his theories is incomprehensible to the ordinary. Until recently when he get connected with Healthy Habits and Dr. Stone whose mission is to make available Nikola Tesla’s theory on scalar energy into devices that promotes wellness, healing, and protection from the unseen and very dangerous pollution – the electromagnetic smog from modern hi-tech gadgets such as the cellphone towers, satellite disks, microwaves, etc.

Shyan has been wearing the Healthy Habits 3-6-9 Signature Scalar Medallion, a medallion that is infused with the Tesla’s scalar energy for about six months now. Shyan says, “With my 3-6-9 Scalar Medallion, …. after a performance I feel I still have the same energy to do another live performance!”