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Healthy Habits Teams Up with Famous Body Builder, Randy Lim

news-img07Randy Lim is a US-Cambodian body builder. He was the Mr. World of the 90s. Recently he competed Emerald Cup and won 5th place. After 2 weeks of wearing the Healthy 3-6-9 scalar medallion Randy ‘s endurance, speed and strength increased tremendously. He could not believe the new energy and endurance he has.

As a health enthusiast, he has been using a lot of healthy products but the unlike those products in which he got results after a year or two, the Healthy Habits 3-6-9 scalar medallion gave him tremendous results in just two weeks.

Randy says , “I can’t believe the increase in speed, strength and endurance I have after using the 3-6-9 Scalar medallion just after 2 weeks. It’s incredible!. After work-out I have all the strength to go on another round. I love it!” He further says, “I love all the Healthy Habits products. I have been talking about them to my friends and family. You’ve got to experience them too!”