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Healthy Habits Sponsors Executive Mountain Biker Norman Villarin of the Philippines.

news-img08Healthy Habits is proud to sponsor the energetic and self-starter mountain biker Norman Villarin. Since he met Dr. Stone in 2009, he’s been into the Healthy Habits protocol. Today he proudly credits his accomplishments as one of the Top 15 Executive Mountain Biker of the Philippines to dedicated training, discipline, and the 3-6-9 Scalar Medallion and Scalar Colostrum. Norman, “incidentally” is the Operations Manager of Healthy Habits, Philippines.

“Riding my bike all started as a past time with my father, who apparently needs exercise for his health condition. It was the last quarter of 2008 when I bought my first mountain bike. It’s also the same year when I resigned from work, so I could spend more time biking with my Dad and encourage him to get regular exercise.

Our first ride was within the community where we live. Then we tried biking further to the next village, then we ventured to the neighboring towns. One morning, I followed a group of cyclist…don’t have any idea where they are heading , until surprisingly I found myself on top of a hill viewing the city with them. A friendly biker approached me and asked, “hey where are you heading ” I answered- I don’t have any clue, it’s just my first time ” I just followed you guys here. Then the friendly biker told me, you’re strong for a first timer, this is not an easy course. I was motivated and start riding regularly. First quarter of 2009 when I first joined an executive race. In the Philippines there are only two classifications of cyclist, the PRO and the Executive. Funny story with my first executive race, It was just a regular riding day for me, again I just followed a group of bikers and only to find out that they will be joining a race that day. Out of curiosity I registered…at the registration the officer asked me, which category do I wish to join? I said, I don’t have any idea, this is my first time. They register me to beginners category. I don’t have any clue what it’s like to race?, what’s the track course is like. Gun start, at first I just followed the riders and at some point I feel some adrenalin rush, keep on pedaling and pedaling…overtaking and overtaking some riders till we reach the finish line. It was fun and I stayed to watch the program and the awarding ceremony. I was seated at one corner caring less on what’s happening. I saw riders being awarded and seeing the smile on their faces… everybody’s feeling great!. For the beginners category they will be getting the top 10 rider to receive medals, ..10th, 9th, 8th places were called. What a Big surprise my name was called for 7th place. ” Wow! is this for real? I whispered to myself ” It was an overwhelming experience for me that day. From then on nothing could stop me, I just join races whenever I can…and luckily I always finish on top 10-20 among the riders.

Some races I joined…Head for the Hills, Splash Mountain Cross Country Race, 8th and 9th King of the Mountains, Cardiac Attack, Hill Race, 7-11 Tour 500 Race… to name a few

Yes, I am winning races, but it isn’t that easy. I work five times a week while my competitors are training. But I never worry, because with my 3-6-9 Scalar Medallion and Colostrum I sure can beat them. I love biking and I am very passionate with it. Many many years from now, I still see myself with my bike, winner and all!