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Healthy Habits Proudly Teams Up with Martial Arts Instructor and Organic Agriculturist, Darrell Thompson

news01-img01My Family and I have been using ALL of the 3-6-9 Scalar enhanced products since the launch in January of 2011. My wife and I are martial artists and instructors. We could not imagine what training would be like without these products. People hardly believe what we say when we show them what our workout routines are and tell them how fast we recover. All of my students have benefited from the products as well. The combination of products that Healthy Habits has to offer are unparallelled. My students learn faster and retain more each class than without the Scalar energy. The combination of the Colostrum, scalarized water and daily exercise has shown us the most amazing weight loss and rehabilitation that we have ever seen!

The bamboo products are my favorite. As a practitioner of Jiu Jitsu and other physical arts, my joints and muscles are always under great stress. Unlike other products that apply heat, which you have to plug in, the scalar bamboo products apply heat and comfort directly to the area in question without exposing the injury to unnecessary EMF’s. Also I can train with the bamboo products on! Which has benefits itself like increased endurance, flexibility and oxygen!

I have a daughter who is 6 now, she has not had so much as a runny nose since we have been taking the scalar enhanced colostrum. I have great comfort as a parent knowing that she is getting everything that she needs for proper growth, and immune functions in a world where children have it as hard as they do with the various types of pollution in our environment.

Thank You Healthy Habits for providing the products we need to reach our greatest potential in this world today!

3-6-9 Scalar Water Drops for Agricultural Applications By: Founder Member Darrell Thompson

It is my opinion, that until now, there has not been a SINGLE product that can be used to cover ALL of the problems that we face in the agricultural community. We all should be aware that without farmers, both large and small, we would ALL be hungry and without most commonly used medicines. (Natural herbs and/or pharmaceuticals) Modern day farmers have it pretty rough theses days. With rising costs in all equipment, fuel costs and pollution from too many sources to mention here, and a shortage of good healthy foods due to earth changes, it is more important than ever to supply theses farmers with innovative, cost effective and simple means to address these issues. We all need to eat and in today’s fast-paced society, people tend to forget where their food comes from and how important proper nutrition is for optimal health and longevity. Large-scale agriculture has failed to supply our foods with adequate nutrition which requires us to SUPPLEMENT our diet with expensive multi-vitamins and/or pharmaceuticals. Small organic farmers are doing a better job however, they are having a harder time in today’s society competing with large scale government funded farms. While shopping at local organic farmers is a great way to help, it couldn’t hurt to lend your farmers some loving energy and a simple way to increase their yields and profits, while increasing the energy and bio-available nutrients in the foods you consume. This is where the Healthy Habits 3-6-9 Scalar Enhanced Water Drops come in handy! Not only does this AMAZING product address all of the problems modern day farmers face, I will explain how these very same solutions work for YOUR BODY as well. Ingesting healthy vibrant foods means having a healthy vibrant body.

The 3-6-9 Scalar Water Drops contain 81 minerals in a balanced form. This is important for multiple reasons. Most water these days are highly POLLUTED. The 3-6-9 water drops clean this water by adding the missing minerals in an IN-FORMED way which allows pollutants to be absorbed and/or converted so the plants can choose what minerals assimilate and which to release. This eliminates the need for expensive filtration systems which filter only certain chemicals while neglecting certain hormones, that are present in most water sources that the plant absorbs. Anything that the plants absorb, you ingest. The balanced, IN-FORMED minerals also assure that the most efficient levels of oxygen are available as well. Making sure that the plants have AMPLE amounts of oxygen available is important for many reasons including pest and disease resistance and buoyant healthy cells for proper nutrient transfer.

Along with an abundance of AVAILABLE oxygen, the proper amount of minerals in the right ratios are what allow the electrical currents to operate optimally. This is also enhanced by the Scalar energy embedded in the 3-6-9 Scalar Water Drops. Assuring that the proper energy or electricity is available is ESSENTIAL for proper chemical reactions to take place, not only in the plants, but in the soil and our bodies as well. When chemistry is functioning properly, NO imbalance or disease will occur in our bodies, plants and soil. This will have HUGE impacts on profits because it will dramatically decrease if not eliminate the need for expensive pesticides. One more important thing about all of this means that MORE minerals and nutrients will be available to the plants and therefore be available to us. This will surely make for HAPPY plants!

This leads us to the most important lessons… LOVE and INTENT! Numerous studies have shown that plants respond to the vibrations from all around, especially humans. By adding 3-6-9 Scalar Water Drops to your farming practices you are showing that you DO care for yourself and your plants, not to mention the earth itself. You will be insuring that your body, plants and soil are clean and healthy, which will begin to balance out the entire ecosystem around your farm or garden. That will make the earth very happy! The 3-6-9 Scalar Water Drops, using Healthy Habits proprietary technology, have embedded love affirmations in the product itself. Of all the vibrations it has been proven that plants respond best to LOVE and GRATITUDE. The combination of the embedded love affirmations and your intention can be a powerful energy in ALL areas of your life.

As you can see, with ONE simple and easy-to-use product, we can solve many problems. All that is needed is a few drops of the 3-6-9 Scalar Enhanced Water Concentrate to any reservoir or watering application. This WILL affect your soil, plants, body and ultimately the ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM around you! Thus increasing yields, profits and nutrient content to all foods that come into contact with this single product. Healthy Habits 3-6-9 Scalar Water Drops have dramatically improved our gardening adventures, are you ready to give it a try?

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