Healthy Habits-USA has a success formula of being a product of the product, and then simply sharing your success stories of how the proprietary Quantum 3-6-9 Scalar energies provided you a “better way of living”.

The Quantum 3-6-9 Scalar energies do not cure, mitigate, treat or alleviate any disease or symptoms of stress. However, as evidenced from the personal testimonies, stories of success, that come to us on a daily basis, we think it is obvious that these creative energies stimulate the intelligence of the bodies own immune system to achieve balance, modulation and healing. And as I have always said: “We bring absolutely nothing new and original to the world, we simply take very good products and materials and make them ‘gooder’ with our proprietary Quantum 3-6-9 Scalar energy embedding.”

We thank the heavenly Father for this gift He has provided us. And we thank each of you that share your personal stories of success that others may be inspired to experience the miracle of life force energies to experience “a better way of living”. Never stop sharing your stories, it is your experiences that potentially can bless thousands of people around the world and give them hope. Although the laws of the land prohibit you from verbally passing on other peoples stories, you can print these contributions and pass them on. You are not prohibited by the laws of the land from sharing your own stories, and we encourage you to never miss an opportunity to tell your Quantum 3-6-9 Scalar story.

Please support our mission to “provide a better way of living” to all our extended family by telling your story, sharing the products and encouraging others to do the same.

Here’s an inspiring story from a daughter who loves her father dearly.

Sent: Saturday, October 6, 2012 2:11 PM

Hello Dr. Stone,

Many blessings to you and to Lady Rosemary. I would like to know when you will be in Orange County. I have someone who wants to buy a medallion. My dad is stable, he still has pain on his shoulder but it has decreased. I took him to the ER about 4 days after he started wearing his medallion. He began urinating blood and there were several blood clots in the urine. But something really good, they did a CT scan of the kidneys, the kidney mass he has had for over a year decreased in size. The doctor was amazed to see the improvement of his blood work also.

Dad is stable, he is 82 years old but I think he is better.

Thank you!!

Sent: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 6:30 PM

Hello Dr. Stone,

I’m here praising our Divine Father!!! Dad started moving his left arm and shoulder today!!! I have been placing his medallion on his shoulder and arm when he is laying down. He is making lots of progress and many hours go by and he isn’t asking for pain pills.

I wish I would have taken pictures from the beginning when he began wearing his medallion to show people his progress. Whenever you need me to give my testimony please ask me, people need to believe in God’s natural resources.

Thank you!!!!! God bless you forever!

Lupe, Santa Ana, CA

Dr. Jeff Jorgenson, Hurricane, UT

My Mom is receiving hospice nurse care: congestive heart failure and kidneys are shutting down. Yesterday, the Nurse noticed the vast improvement in Mom’s health and vitality. (I had placed Keena’s Medallion around her head a week ago.) Mom’s blood rate had shown remarkable improvement also. Mom actually got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, instead of using the porta-potty set up next to her hospital bed. Mom is a lttle irratible – which is a good sign, according to the nurse. She wonders why she’s in bed all day! She walked the hallway three times last night. When we arrived a week ago, she had to be wheeled to the dinner table.

Further, I placed my Medallion around my Sister’s neck. She sufffers from COPD. The first night wearing it, she slept without waking to a coughing fit. She won’t give me back my Bling!

My Brother suffers from Bursitus in his shoulder. It’s so bad that he’s taking medication. He heard about Jennifer’s (Sister) amazing improvement and got a little upset that HE wasn’t wearing a Medallion. So, he bought one! Now, no pills and no discomfort in his shoulders.
THEY are signing up this morning and sharing the IBO.

Jennifer, Leeds, Alabama

Share in God’s Goodness

Sent: Thursday July 18, 2013
Subject: Re: Today’s Bone Density Result

My BONE DENSITY is completed. My T score for L4 of spine went from -3.4 to -2.6; T score of Right hip went from -1.7 to -1.4; and T score of Left hip went from -1.4 to -1.0 in 1 year of COLOSTRUM and approx 7 months of SILICA. The doctor said whatever I’m doing I should continue it, although science has proven that without adequate calcium and vitamin D its impossible.

I wanted to add a couple things. 1) that it’s daily exercise in addition to the colostrum and Silica that have brought about a positive change in my bone density, 2) that the recommendations of milk and/or calcium supplements by physicians has been problematic for me in the past, in that milk activates, feeds and prolongs my seasonal allergies and 3) calcium supplements use in the past created tight, uncomfortable muscles in my lower extremities, if I don’t use the right type. So, it’s a joy to know that colostrum has the right type and moreover, all I need in one bottle – with all nutrients intact AS GOD MADE IT.

After over 40 years of battle with low iron and an inability to donate blood, In March of 2011 I was able to donate blood after taking COLOSTRUM for less than 2 months. My iron level went from 11.5 – 13

My Damaged left hand nerve in the palm of my hand – from holding cell phone on low battery(red), for about 30 minutes -It is now restored to normal after less than 6months of COLOSTRUM use.

Within less than 1 week using COLOSTRUM, my longstanding battle with nasal congestion (greater than 40 years) started disappearing.
My banana and oranges are more delicious. They returned to their original taste, with added nutritious flavor – after losing it natural flavors to added chemicals. I always placed them in a bowl on top of, or near a scalar MEDALLION.

Wearing 2 scalar MEDALLIONS, a bracelet, bamboo charcoal mat and socks, I’m able to drive 8 hours nonstop to my destination on several occasions with very minimal leg cramps.
Wearing the scalar MEDALLION, my skin is able to withstand a 212 degrees heat for a second or two without any burn or blister – caused by an accidental spill of boiling water on 2 different occurrences – March of 2010 and May of 2012.

Now I’m able to personally wash my dry-cleaning clothes – including 100% wool – without any noticeable shrinkage or ill effect using the scalar MEDALLION in my washing machine and then hanging them to dry. I’m saving tens of dollars.

After applying a MEDALLION to the main waterline in my apartment – which had bitter water – the taste was completely transformed for the better in less than 1 month. In addition, I’m blessing the apartment complex with living water.

With the use of a MEDALLION in my refrigerator at all times, my food lasts for weeks longer to the point where I was drinking boxed goat’s milk some 3 months later than the expired date – in 2010, and another time after 5 months from the expired date – in 2011. Drying clothes now takes ½ the time to dry, also with less heat, and smells great – with use of only the MEDALLION’s chain. It’s quite a relief to get rid of the fabric softeners. Certainly, they’re not safe for those with skin allergies or respiratory disturbances.

My plants are most happy with the use of scalar water.

One of my favorite things to watch is the beauty of my bathroom chrome faucet looking shiner with each wash. As for my toilet bowl, the stains are easily washed away with each accumulation. Thanks to the MEDALLION on my main water line.

My car of 6 years has never been polished nor waxed but looks like new each time it’s washed. I keep a MEDALLION on my home’s main water line and one on my car increasing its lifespan.

Several skin tags on my throat fell off in 1 week – with 3 days application of aXcell O2.I’m also felling more warm blooded and my silver hair is getting darker.

Finally with use of my MEDALLION, AND COLOSTRUM, in particular, I now have greater endurance in running and doing other exercises. I have no aching nor cracking of my bones at age60+ – “AND SO CAN YOU!” So don’t wait!

Begin sharing in these blessings of God.

Nancy, Las Vegas, NV

After 2 days of moving my household belongings, I began to limp as my left knee began to tire under the constant walking and moving of object heavier than I have been used to moving. I was introduced to Dr. Bader’s Joint Health product and after just taking it for 2 days I experienced complete relief in my knee, additionally, upon waking up I have noticed the stiffness I had become so used to has seemingly evaporated into thin air!

Now I am feeling GREAT in Las Vegas.
Thank you, Dr. Bader and Healthy Habits.

Dolores, Henderson, NV

After wearing the scalar energy medallion for 4 days my blood pressure of 161-96-98 was lowered to 141-80-88. I also experienced more than 50% reduction of pain and inflammation from 3 previous injuries of 2-9 years; broken left humerus / shoulder joint and near breakage of left elbow and wrist, spinal disc injury in neck and chest, knees and left ankle from a previous accidental fall.

Sue, Dearborn MI

Two weeks after taking the Scalar Enhanced Colostrum 3-6-9 the pain in my ascending and descending colon seems to be lesser most days. I Thank you Dr. Tom for advising me to take the colostrum.

Sonja, Gainsville VA

Last week I was on travel and decided to put on the charcoal socks for good circulation during our long car ride. One of my small toes has been acting up with random numbness for about 6 months and the corner of the nail recently started to lift. Probably from an injury of bumping into something that I can’t remember.

At 3:45am I woke up from pain and severe throbbing in that specific toe and upon inspection of it, it was very red and swollen – it looked similar to an infection of an ingrown toenail. If anyone ever had to deal with that, they would appreciate the pain associated with it.

Not having my herbal pharmacy with me for a remedy, I decided to simply put the sock back on and place my medallion into my sock so it would be in contact with my toe, just to see what happens. (you do crazy things when you are half asleep !)

Then I was purposely watching the clock to see if I notice any change and how long it would take. About 15-20 minutes later, the pain and throbbing suddenly subsided and I drifted back to sleep.

Upon getting up only 2 hours later, I inspected the toe again and the swelling was completely gone and only slight redness remained. The pain never returned and even my “numbness” is much less ever since then. Needless to say, my socks are now part of my daily outfit, so my toe can heal completely.

This is my personal conclusion: (not sure if this is what actually happened scientifically or medically, but who cares – I know what I witnessed, I don’t need data to prove it after the fact)

  1. The charcoal sock activated the circulation of my toe.
  2. Which in turn created this “healing crisis” = inflammation.
  3. The scalar medallion counteracted the inflammation and promoted healing instantly.

I only wish I would have had a camera with me to document this fast recovery. Next time I will be better prepared.

I love you guys for what you are bringing to the world !!!

Jimmy, Manila, Philippines

I suffered from chronic back ache but after I started using the medallion since a week ago my back ache is gone. Thank you Healthy Habits, thank you Dr Tom

Grace Wiswell, San Marcos, CA

Still wearing the ‘anchor’ (Grace’s affectionate nickname for her medallion) all the time (except in the shower) and use the knee-ones (bamboo) all night and until I get dressed. Benefits? – Yea, I can walk & get up and down the stairs with more ease. Afraid to take the medallion off- don’t want to hurt so bad again. How long will this thing last? Does it have to be recharged or anything?? Answer: Forever, and NO