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aXcell-O2, 2 ounce bottle (2 month’s supply)

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products04-img01aXcell-O2 is a proprietary ionic formula that contains 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen— and utilizes a unique water-splitting technology. After mixing, it is infused with our cold fusion proprietary 3-6-9 Quantum Scalar Energy Frequencies. It provides an unsurpassed oxygen and nutrient delivery system, and is absorbed quickly and efficiently by every cell in the body. aXcell-O2’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds the cells— cleaning and tuning up the body’s systems throughout the day. aXcell-O2is made from all-natural plant substances, and is yeast-free and gluten-free.

It’s been said that all forms of illness can be traced to two basic causes: too many toxins in the body and too few nutrients reaching the cells.

aXcell-O2 is created by a proprietary nine month process in which these all-natural nutrient-rich plant substances are held in a negatively-charged suspension of deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen) and then infused with 3-6-9 Scalar. The result is a remarkable formulation which— by utilizing the same technology used decades ago to split the atom— actually ‘dissociates’ (splits) water molecules within the body by weakening the bonding electrons, and gives birth to cascades of vital, life-giving oxygen. This newly-born oxygen, combined with an array of vital nutrients, is carried to every cell in the body— cleaning, toning and building the cells and tissues hour after hour, day after day. Since our bodies are over two-thirds water, this oxygen and hydrogen source is virtually unlimited.

aXcell-O2 Silica 3-6-9 For Hair, Skin, Nails, Bone and so much more!

SRP $54.00

If you want one of the best anti-aging remedies available
If you want healthier skin, hair, nails and lungs.
If you want stronger arteries, tendons, connective tissue, and eyes.
If you want to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease, to help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and other joint or cartilage problems, gastric ulcers, and other conditions where tissue repair and healing are needed.
Then you want Silica 3-6-9!

products02-img03Read below about this amazing product:
As early as 1878, Louis Pasteur predicted that silica would be found to be an important therapeutic substance for many diseases and would play a significant role in human health and consequently nutrition. Silica is another mineral that is not commonly written about as an essential nutrient. It is present in the soil and is actually the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust, as carbon is the most abundant in plant and animal tissues. Silica is very hard and is found in rock crystals such as quartz or flint. Silica molecules in the tissues, such as the nails and connective tissue, give them strength and stability. Silica is present in bone, blood vessels, cartilage, and tendons, helping to make them strong. Silica is important to bone formation, as it is found in active areas of calcification. It is also found in plant fibers and is probably an important part of their structure.

Sources of Silica:
Silica does not occur in sufficient amounts in a wide variety of foodstuffs. It is part of plant fibers (though not of cellulose) and is found in the hulls of wheat, oats, and rice, in sugar beet and cane pulp, in alfalfa, and in the herbs horsetail, comfrey, and nettles. If we eat these foods at all, they are normally refined to a point where all the silica has been removed.

Silica is also present in lettuce, cucumbers, avocados, strawberries, onions, and dandelions and other dark greens. The pectin in citrus fruits and alginic acid in kelp also contain small amounts of Silica. This mineral is lost easily in food processing. Only about 2 percent of the original Silica is left in milled flour. Soil may also become deficient in Silica, and it is not being replaced; this loss could affect inherent plant structure.

Nutritional and Therapeutic Applications for Silica:
Silica promotes firmness and strength in the tissues. It is part of the arteries, tendons, skin, connective tissue, and eyes. Collagen contains Silica, helping hold the body tissues together. This mineral is also present with the chondroitin sulfates of cartilage, and it works with calcium to help restore bones. Bone strengthening and support is obtained through enhanced calcium absorption. Within bone, silica is the essential component making up the collagen matrix upon which calcium is deposited. This relationship is so fundamental that it is truly impossible to form bone without both calcium and silica. In fact, researchers are exploring the possibility that supplementation of silica, rather than calcium may be what is needed for maintaining strong bones. If you had minerals in your bones with no collagen matrix you could snap just like a piece of chalk. The collagen matrix actually allows the bone to flex slightly; to be a shock absorber to keep the bones from snapping.

It is the primary Calcium management element and is responsible for making sure calcium is not stored in any locations other than bone. Without Silica, the body will store calcium (of which most of us get too much of) in areas like, artery walls, joints, organs and soft tissue. Silica is thought to help heal fractures and may have some role in the prevention or treatment of osteoporosis.
Silica has a vital role is in collagen formation. The physical manifestation of aging is the inability of the body to reproduce collagen the way we could in our 20’s and 30’s. This leads to wrinkles, loss of flexibility, porosity of bones, digestive problems, arthritis and many other issues associated with aging. Thinning hair, brittle nails, and dry skin; all of these external parts of our body are collagen based.

Silica is also known to enhance appearance of hair, skin and nails.
It helps maintain the elasticity of the skin, so it is one of our anti-aging nutrients, strengthening of teeth and gums.

Silica has been found to increase the flexibility of all body tissues. Flexibility is particularly important to lung expansion, allowing for deeper breathing.

Silica is also thought to radiate or transmit energy in its crystalline structure, as in quartz crystal. It is thought by some to be able to deeply penetrate the tissues and help to clear stored toxins. With the addition of the Quantum 3-6-9 energy the energy transmissions of the Silica crystals is enhanced immeasurably. The “silicea” tissue salt, a homeopathic remedy, is described poetically as acting like a “microscopic surgeon.

Cardiovascular support: Silica in adequate quantities creates supple arteries and veins and is effective in removing plaque from artery walls. This has actually been known since 1958 when Loeper and Loeper found arteriosclerotic artery walls showed excessively high levels of calcium and lower than normal levels of in silica.

Stomach and digestive disorders: Most disorders of the stomach and digestive tract involve a degradation of the lining in the G.I. tract. Silica is an essential element involved in rebuilding and maintaining these tissues.

Immune system enhancement: Our skin is our first line of defense against naturally occurring bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Silica promotes and maintains healthy skin tissue.

Wound and burn healing: Silica stimulates the rapid re-growth of damaged skin tissue. Aluminum elimination enhancement Silica has been shown to be a good eliminator of aluminum. Aluminum has been implicated as a cause of Alzheimer’s. While the above areas may seem quite diverse, in actuality they are directly or indirectly related to proper collagen formation. Given that connective tissue is basically collagen, the inability of the body to rebuild this tissue will result in excessive injuries, general deterioration, or excessively long periods of healing time when injuries occur.

aXcell-O2 Silica 3-6-9 is a solution of silicic acid, Si(OH)4 in water – the concentration of which is approximately 2.5% by weight (measured as silica, SiO2). It is derived from the plant, Horsetail (Equisetum arvense), an herbal remedy dating back to ancient Roman and Greek medicine. Silicic acid is absorbed in the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract and transported throughout the body where it is used in the production and maintenance of collagen and connective tissue. Animal studies have demonstrated that silica is an essential trace element and that a deficiency of silica in the diet can produce dramatic bone and cartilage abnormalities.

Silicic acid is stable in solution at very low concentrations, but will combine to form oligomers at higher concentrations (above – 100ppm)
There is an equilibrium condition between silicic acid and oligomers which means that as silicic acid is removed (i.e. absorbed by the GI tract), the remaining oligomers break down to form additional silicic acid. In this way, Silica 3-6-9 Mineral Supplement will provide as much silicic acid as the body demands. The particle size of the oligomers is less than 10 nanometers which allows them to be readily dispersed in solution. Silica3-6-9 has a faint bluish haze, owing to the tendency of these small particles to form larger agglomerates, which can nonetheless be easily broken down to silicic acid. The bluish haze is created because of the tendency of silica oligomers to reflect the blue portion of the visible light spectrum, similar to air or water molecules. Silicic acid is completely non-toxic. This mineral is able to form long molecules, much the same as is carbon, and gives these complex configurations some durability and strength. It represents about 0.05 percent of our body weight.

3-6-9 Silica is colloidal, which means that the tiny particles of silicon dioxide are evenly dispersed throughout the solution, making it absorbable and usable by the body.