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The Company

Healthy Habits is headed by its Founder Sir Dr. Thomas Stone. Thirty years ago Dr. Stone recognized the negative effects technology and dirty energy were having on his patients and himself. It was his quest to find a solution to this growing problem that has lead Dr. Stone to become an advocate for Energy Healing. It was through this common cause that Dr. Stone met the other Founding Member of the Healthy Habits team, Chief Operating Officer Ron Greenwood. They were specially concerned with the youth. It was this same passion that attracted a team of Research and Scientific Advisors. Together they decided to make Healthy Habits the avenue to helping people live a healthier life amidst this unseen dangers.

The Mission

Healthy Habits mission of helping people live a healthier life has created a by-product: the independent business owners. It is the company’s double mission to create a a global network of highly skilled independent business owners who are a voice for the application of scalar energy and quantum science technology. This helps assure all life can co-exist on our planet and live an abundant, healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

The Vision

We believe that the offerings of Healthy Habits through our trademark 3-6-9 scalar enhanced devices, wholefood supplements and water and other products will elevate you to a level of wellness giving you back youthful vitality and peace of mind. Our vision is to make Healthy Habits a household name in preventive health care and wellness and the one-stop shop catalogue for everything, anything scalar.