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Sir Dr. Thomas E Stone, Founder

Dr. Thomas E. Stone, Holistic Doctor, Certified Natural Health Coach, Author and Lecturer is totally committed to serving God and his fellow man in a healing ministry through education. He says: “I am only a doctor in the sense that I am a teacher and a mentor to each person that I am blessed to serve. I have no patients, only friends that learn from me, and I learn from them. I work under the umbrella of the Author of Life, and the only time I can’t help someone, is when it is by their choice they choose to not obey the Divine laws of nature set in place by God”.

Dr. Tom earned his Doctorate in Holistic Medicine from The National Institute of Nutritional Research and his Certified Natural Health Professional credentials from Trinity School of Natural Health. Dr. Tom has served on several International Health Advisory Board of major nutritional companies. He has developed numerous educational materials for nutritional supplement manufacturers and several whole food supplements that are marketed internationally. He includes in his practice the use of nutrition, whole live organic foods, all natural healing, herbology, clinical kinesiology, the DeHaan frequency kinesiology system, and the Health Care Ministries International Total Body Analysis System.

Dr. Tom is a specialist in the healing art which uses totally non-invasive natural modalities to bring balance and homeostasis to the body. He is an advocate of energy healing for more than 30 years. His passion is changing lives by teaching and empowering the people to wellness and be disease-free. He and his wife Rosemary are totally committed to global health mission.

Everett Hale, Chief Executive Officer

Everett is a hands-on executive with over forty years of domestic and international business experience with undergraduate degrees in both economics and accounting. He is driven by a passion to bring the world relief from both physical and emotional suffering through natural nutritional body healing and a rebirth of entrepreneurism. Mr. Hale has already founded three substantial Direct Sales companies serving as the CEO, one of which, Global Health Trax, has a database of over 300,000 customers. Everett is keenly focused on issues that affect the future of Healthy Habits Independent Business Owners – those who have accepted the mantle of integrity, trust and honesty in sharing health and wellness with the world one person at a time. Everett’s strongly held belief of “If it’s not true, don’t say it. If it’s not right, don’t do it” is at the heart of everything he does with Healthy Habits. His management style of empowerment works well with his natural high energy and personal charisma. These characteristics, blended with his ability to generate respect from sales leaders as well as from his corporate peers, virtually assures success for Healthy Habits.

Ronald L. Greenwood, Chief Operating Officer

Ron Greenwood has been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years. It is his passion to run businesses with a purpose, by improving lives and helping our planet to become a better place for all of us. Ron earned his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of Wisconsin with a double major in Marketing and Real Estate. He used this knowledge to successfully run several businesses. He started by working for ComputerLand, AT&T and Honeywell in the telecommunications and technology industries. By getting a taste of working for large Corporations, he realized that his calling was being an Entrepreneur. Using the contacts and experience he acquired, he started his own Human Resource Search firm that supplied those same high tech industries with qualified people.

In 1992, approached by a mutual friend, he bought into an established Organic Fertilizer company. It turned out to be an excellent opportunity with a higher purpose and he was instrumental in catapulting it into a world leader in Organics.

He was in charge of operations which included oversight of office staff, marketing representatives, customer service and a public relations coordinator. In addition, he handled all long term planning, short term budgeting and resource allocation. This included setting prices, sales goals and successfully managing profitability. He recently sold his interest in the company and for the last 16 months, has been dedicated to Scalar Energy devices and how their unique properties can improve lives worldwide. He has gone from a Green industry to another cause that is just as worthy, helping people protect themselves from the dangers of man made energies.